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Experiencing Hair-Loss?

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Toxic hair products have proven to be a major contributing factor of hair loss. These dangerous chemicals not only interfere with nourishment to the roots, they affect natural hair growth cycles by confusing the sebaceous glands, resulting in DHT hormonal problems. Visit to find out what products are toxic and what products are safe to use.

What to Do? There are a few options on the market.

Option One: The product minoxidil: This is a chemical compound, which blocks the DHT hormone from affecting the scalp. It can lower libido and if you stop taking it, hair loss resumes. This means that you may need to take the chemical for life.

Option Two: Spray-on hair fibres or creams: Spray-on hair fibres are a quick fix. If you are not looking for a permanent result, then these do work. On the cream side of things, the latest rave on the market is L’Oreal’s Kerastase Densifique. It is quite expensive, but it claims to reawaken dormant hair cells.

Option Three: Hair transplant: Very costly, you may require repeat procedures and it can be painful, but the results are immediate.

Option Four: Up your vitamins and minerals. A deficiency in Vitamin D, B6, saw palmetto, amino acids and zinc have all been linked to hair loss. Biotin is currently a favourite supplement for promoting hair growth, but a good diet full of high antioxidants and green foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins will help with the balancing of the sebaceous glands and DHT hormone.

Option Five: End the stress! Stress is a major contributing factor to the weakening of the whole system. In order for the body to live in a constant fight or flight mode, it may reduce its energy output into certain areas, such as nails, hair, teeth, etc. These areas then become vulnerable to vitamin loss. Learn to breathe deeply from your abdomen to bring down your stress levels.

Option Six: Toupee time: The 70’s version of a toupee is over. There are now some very natural looking hairpieces, but few users are fully satisfied. They often feel self-conscious, as though they are living a ‘fake’ life.

Option Seven: Go natural. Stimulate the follicle into re-growing the hair. Proper brushing and massage, when used in combination with non-toxic shampoos, can stimulate the glands and the capillaries, which in turn brings balance to the sebaceous glands and promotes new hair growth.

Technique: Massage pure natural oil, such as organic olive oil or organic coconut oil, into the remaining hair and bald patch. Using a palm held brush with boar bristles, brush vigorously across the hair and scalp until you feel it stimulating the skin. If the scalp becomes severely irritated, then stop and resume once it calms down. The aim is to gradually build-up to 250+ strokes every day.

Initially, the firm brushing will pull out other hairs from the scalp, but the probability of their follicles also being weak from using toxic products will be high. Do not panic! The stimulation will unblock the follicles and within a short period, new light coloured hairs will appear. Continue with the process. You may find that some of these fine strands also become uprooted. Again, do not panic, as they will be replaced with stronger hair in your usual colour tone.

Combine the oil, brush and massage with deep breathing, high antioxidants, fresh veggies, amino acids, omega fats, fruit and a balanced diet, and you could be saying ‘hello’ to new hair growth.

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